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Quick Service and Turnaround on Your Industrial Cutting NeedsMaterials that require industrial cutting services are generally costly. The investment you put into your supplies is as important as what you plan on doing with them. While you can get the best materials for any job, it is vital that they are cut and sized to the precise specifications that are necessary. Advanced Profiles specializes in industrial cutting of a wide range of materials from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and marble or granite.
Advanced Profiles for Advanced Technology
The process of plasma and water jet cutting requires a firm understanding of the latest technology that has occurred in the field. The technicians and engineers at Advanced Profiles are up to date on all the most recent developments in the industry and apply them to the job in order to give our customers quick turnaround at reasonable prices. Our customer commitment combined with a simplified processing environment enables us to save our clients time and money.
Waterjet Cutting
Waterjet cutting is used to slice heavy duty materials with fine precision using a jet of water combined with a stronger substance. This jet is then applied at a high velocity and pressure to cut desired shapes or angles. Waterjet cutting is used when the material in question cannot sustain the temperature of other cutting methods, such as plasma cutting. One of the most popular materials used with water jet cutting is mild steel. While most materials can be cut with both waterjet cutting and plasma cutting, Advanced Profiles is pleased to offer our ability to cut more exotic materials such as granite, marble and stone using the waterjet method. We understand that the expensive nature of these materials makes precision and accuracy of vital importance. Our experienced team and top machinery will handle your job with supreme capability and professionalism.
Plasma Cutting
Advanced Profiles also offers profile cutting using our plasma equipment. This technique can be applied to materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. When applied to mild steel, Advanced Profiles offers production mode cutting, marking and beveling for up to 21/2 inches and 3 inches for both stainless steel and aluminum.
Beyond our informed and experienced employees and new technological advancements in industrial cutting, Advanced Profiles is dedicated to providing our customers with the most reasonable turnaround time so that you can continue with your business as quickly as possible. We understand that the materials we handle are important parts of your own business and getting the job done quickly and efficiently is our top priority. With our large space, we are able to accommodate (receive, store and deploy) your material. As well, our advanced equipment enables us to take on jobs that require larger material segmentation. When looking to have your industrial cutting done by a dedicated company, call Advanced Profiles at 905-695-1245.
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